July 14, 2009

PE.com Feature Requests With Longer Headline for Testing

Posted by Derek

Dave Spadaro, you take a lot of grief in this town, but you don't get nearly enough credit for the Eagles web site. 

I feel completely spoiled by PhiladelphiaEagles.com.  The volume of content on offer -- text, video, podcasts, photos -- is enough to (almost) make you forget to read the acutal papers.  During the season, PE.com is easily my favorite TV network, with multiple new videos, press conferences and interviews every single day (except Tuesdays -- Tuesdays are lame).  I've gone to check out other teams' sites, just to see if every NFL team has as robust a site.  Nope.  You hook us up with one of the better ones, if not the best.  Thank you very kindly, Much Maligned Dave Spadaro!   

So yeah, I'm a fan.    

Still, my status as a satisfied customer doesn't mean I don't have some gentle suggestions for improvements.  Mr. Spadaro, consider this my wish list -- I tried to keep them all pretty cheap (if not completely free) and relatively simple to implement (so you can't cry poor):

  • Help me find the direct links to the video assets.  As noted, I totally dig on the videos.  But you need to revamp the multimedia page a bit.  If I'm watching a video on the main multimedia page, it isn't easy to grab a link to the video (to send to a friend, to post to my delicious).  Instead, I have to use the Multimedia heading on the top nav bar, go to the Videos page, and pick up the link there.  Yuck.  Give me a little control right there in the Video Player.   
  • Let us get the video assets to go.  The kids like their social media, Dave.  If I see something cool on PE.com, I'm going to want to grab it and post on IgglesBlog, throw it on Facebook, etc.  Give me a way to embed video -- I don't even care if you leave your pre-roll in it.  Seems like a fair value exchange to me: I get better content for the blog, you get to tell me about how awesome Eagles Flight Night will be (tickets still available, only $20!).  Note also: if you guys really want to continue the assault on the local branch of the MSM, giving the kids access direct access to the video files seems like a pretty nifty way to execute on disintermediation.
  • Who wants stats that they can't slice and dice?  Yikes!  We can't even clumsily copy-paste the new version of the stats!  Also, it would be pretty cool if you guys could bundle that all up in Excel.  It's not like it's proprietary and I can't get it elsewhere. The Birds could be the ones to make it the most convenient.  That's not asking so much, right?  We're trying to nerd out over here.  Don't make us work too hard for it.  Though it's worth noting that I do like the new media guide.

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PE.com Feature Requests With Longer Headline for Testing

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